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  • Cop & Lop

    Cop & Lop

      Our range consists of: Surface mounting or flat operations panel Cabin column full height Solutions for modernization available in different finishes and widths Conforming …Read More »
  • Doors


    Our landing Mechanism is designed to work for many years. Car door operator has VVVF driver to give comfort and reduce noise. Applications and Standards …Read More »
  • Zero Energy

    Zero Energy

       Download our brochure    Click here! We send you further information on the product A good solution to optimize energy consumption Advanteges and Technology: …Read More »
  • Cabin


    | Plastic Laminate It is realized with plastic laminate panels like cherry tree with rounded angles, Column COP in Mirror Finishing. Any colours and finishes …Read More »
  • Lift telemetry

    Lift telemetry

    Lift Telemetry For each Controller we can provide a dedicated software to remotecontrol the implant either from a distance using a modem, or by a fixed line …Read More »