Photos of some cabins produced by us


Here are photos of installations of some cabins built by us, which shows all the quality of "made ​​in Italy".

 It is possible to realize our cabins of Plastic Laminate, Skin Plate and Stainless Steel

with custom rounded angles, Column COP and  Mirror Finishing.

Any color or finish is available.

Other Projects

Photos of systems sold in the world


In this current year 2013 our attention was focused to confirm our coopeartion with our Dealers to offer them best support.

In the meantime we are always looking for new Market where we can install our products.

We have studied new solution for photovoltaic lifts and now we are ready to install our ZERO ENERGY.

Our purpose is customer satisfaction and in this year we can affirm that we have reached this! Also we have found new Dealers and so we have improved our Sales Office and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Other Projects