We have everything to modernize safely,

in reducing consumption,
improvement of ride comfort,
increasing the speed,
to improve accessibility with lower dimensions,
recovery of spaces previously earmarked for the local machine,
all in care also design.



Cop steel with displaygraph to provide strength and readability and modular solutions cover the controller and hoisting, signalization, doors, electrification and car.

Special solutions

We can provide any kind of solution, you can change the asynchronous motor with a "permanent magnet" on frame.


100% Italian Main board with all types of maneuver,  APB, Collective Down and Full Collective. Programmable up to 32 stops.

• Multiple configurable parameters foreach client
• Eprom flash resident software, to be loaded via PC or MODEM
• Floor position and error indicator
• Battery charger
• Emergency battery
• Phase control with L1-L2-L3 inputsand 200-460 V 50-60 Hz
• Emergency ARD available
• Low distance between floors control
• Matches all type of doors
• Voice synthesizer


Our elevator car modernization solutions integrates a wide range of materials, interior designs and lighting solutions.


Our landing Mechanism is designed to work for many years. Car door operator has VVVF driver to give comfort and reduce noise.

Applications and Standards - Doors Crystal also E60 & EI30. - Doors flame and fire as normal. - EN81.58: E120, EI120, EI60, EW60. - Doors with IP54 protection. - Doors with IP67 protection Ex-D according to 94/4/EC. - Vandal-resistant doors according to EN 81.71. - Finishing coating: epoxy, all stainless steel SB processed, colored, stiffened vandal-skin-plate.