Good lift

Heavy duty elevator adapts itself to fit your needs, from its size to its equipment features and operation.
Whether it’s in garages, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools, or buildings for the healthcare industry.
Depending upon your needs and the site where it is to be used, the drive may be electromechanical or electro-hydraulic.
The traction elevator system is especially suitable for complexes with heavy traffic, where multiple elevators work in group control and increase efficiency of transport.
Hydraulic elevator systems offer an extraordinarily economical solution for low maximum rise situations of up to 18 m, particularly for single applications and for elevators for cars.

Lift shaft structures

For aesthetical and practical reasons it is often interesting  to use steel constructions in combination with stainless steel or aluminum for an elevator shaft.
The structures can be fitted with of cladding or glazing.

Observation lifts

In order to provide passengers with more aesthetic enjoyment, more and more observation lifts are being built in shopping malls, hotels and commercial buildings.

Inclined lifts

Custom design and build safe, solid, reliable outdoor private residential inclined elevators.